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You people drove away the funny, shame on you.

We here at the kitty krew are looking for new members everyday, and would be glad for you to join. If you're interested go to Hopefully some new young guns of flash can energize us all!!!

Join the Kitty Krew today!!!

Hey guys there is this site that is about to go live which you can make money on. It's legit and I haven't been hacked or anything. All you do is watch ads and get your friends to sign up. Use this link w To make your own account. Then get your friends or whoever to sign up. You might think this is retarded but check into it. It's legit. The more people we sign up the more money.

To prove I'm not hacked, I'm giving a shout out to Tom Fulp for being sexy ;)

I'm tired of faggot animators like this...

2010-11-11 20:46:37 by TheRammaJamma

This is a fucking piece of shit.

This is also the gayest review I have ever read.

I'm tired of faggot animators like this...

This includes you Ben Spurgin, you fucking ass faggot. You're burning in hell right now which is hillarious!

2010-11-02 06:06:44 by TheRammaJamma

Join, you know you want to! ;)

420 errdai

2010-10-18 23:29:11 by TheRammaJamma

420 EVERYDAY N***AS!!!!

420 errdai

Trouble Ahead

2010-10-07 15:08:04 by TheRammaJamma

I've decided to kill myself because of how mean kovio is....

I like his flashes and attitude. Also I've seen he's been doing some hard work for a tv pilot and what not. So a friend and I made him this tribute.

I get blasted all the time in my videos because I submit awesome flashes, but people always tell me my music is so much better. Some actually tell me to go kill myself, but then they'll comment on one of my songs and be like "hey great song man."